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Chamomile Blossoms

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RESTOCKED! Meet the beautiful blossoms that have sold out 3 times in the past year. 


Not only are these little flowers good-lookin’, but they are also good for you! Relax with a cup of calm - the perfect mellow companion for your down time. Notes of sweet Vermont apples & honey make it a crowd-pleaser. It's no wonder the word "chamomile" comes from the ancient Greek word meaning ground apple.

These blossoms were harvested by hand in early summer during midday into the afternoon when the sun is out and blossoms are open wide. The blossoms are then dried in a greenhouse on racks at low temps - with a light fan for airflow - to retain vibrancy and vitality.

Chamomile tea dates back to ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans who all used the flower for medicinal purposes, believing it to be a cure for headaches, liver disease, intestinal conditions, and more.

Today, chamomile is known as a sleep aid, and our farm-to-cup chamomile blossoms are the perfect addition to your nighttime routine.


Vermont, USA

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Tasting Notes

Crisp apple, light honey, floral

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