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Makai Black Tea

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You’ve never had black tea like this before. Award-winning, handcrafted on the Big Island, Hawai'i with sinensis and assamica leaves. Grown by an AAPI woman farmer on volcanic ash and shaded by the natural rainforest, which encourages biodiversity. Crisp, smooth and refined with no astringency or bitterness even when steeped for long periods.

According to legend, black tea was discovered when an army in Fujian, China camped at a tea factory in the mid 17th century. This created a delay in tea production, and the tea leaves were left out to oxidize for a longer period than normal, giving the tea a dark red color. In China, black tea today is still known as "red tea," and the term "black tea" was created by Dutch and British traders. Today, about 80% of all tea consumed in the world is black tea.

Try our Makai Black Tea for a healthy boost of caffeine in the morning, or infuse it into warm milk to make the best desserts!



Hawai’i, USA

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Tasting Notes

caramel, barley malt, chocolate, roasted sweet potato, rye bread

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  • 3 MINS
  • Up to 16

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