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Uproot Classic Trio Box

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Get a the trio with our 3 bestselling teas. Treat yourself or a loved one to a warm hug in a box. This trio box comes with this our three classic teas. Makes 45+ delicious cups total.

Single Origin Makai Black Tea | Hawai’i, USA (1 oz.)

  • This award-winning tea is grown on volcanic ash on the Big Island of Hawai'i, shaded by the natural rainforest. Notes of chocolate, caramel, barley.

Single Origin Sencha Green Tea | Kyoto, Japan (1.5 oz.)

  • Partially shade-grown in the famous Uji region of Kyoto Japan. Notes of fresh grass & kiwi. 

Single Origin Chamomile Blossoms | Vermont, USA  (1 oz.)

  • Relax with a cup of calm - the perfect mellow companion for your down time. Notes of sweet Vermont apples & honey make it a crowd-pleaser.


Makai Black: Big Island, Hawai'i Sencha Green: Kyoto, Japan Chamomile: Vermont, USA

Tea Type:

black, green, herbal

Caffeine Level:

Makai Black: high Sencha Green: medium Chamomile: none

Tasting Notes

Makai Black: CARAMEL, CHOCOLATE, Barley malt; Sencha Green: Fresh grass, kiwi; Chamomile: crisp apple, light honey

  • Vector (4)-svg
    176 - 208.F
  • 1 - 5 min
  • 45+
  • 3 - 4 INFUSIONS

We pay farm partners well above fair trade wage to support sustainable, regenerative agriculture. We proudly use only compostable packaging materials that are safe for home composting. Brought to you by a tea-crazed Asian American woman on a mission to decolonize the tea trade. Learn about our transparency.


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