Happy National Iced Tea Month!

Iced Tea if You Please

By Teni Pearse

Last month was National Iced Tea Month so let’s spill the tea on iced tea!

Title: Happy National Iced Tea Month! Subtitle: What does iced tea have to do with prohibition?

Prohibition and tea? Never thought I’d see those two words in one sentence…..

The History

Title: HISTORY OF ICED TEA Text: Iced tea became popular in the early 1900s in the US. During prohibition, iced tea became popular in the South because people needed to replace their go-to alcoholic beverage!

Now that we know our history let’s move onto some fun things.. fun facts!!

Facts About Iced Tea

Title: Did you know? Subtitle: Facts about iced tea Text: Iced tea used to have alcohol. 80% of the tea served in the United States today is iced tea. If you ask for iced tea in the south expect sweet (the southern standard is sweet tea)!

Trust us on that last one. Speaking of sweet teas, next time you’re in the mood for tea try an Arnold Palmer!

Arnold Palmer Who?


The person, the drink, the legend.

An Arnold Palmer is a classic summer drink made of 1 part tea and 1 part lemonade. The name was coined after a woman heard Arnold Palmer ordering a drink with half lemonade and half tea and she said "I'll have that Arnold Palmer drink."

Who is Arnold Palmer? Arnold Palmer was a professional golfer known for bringing golf into the mainstream. He learned to play golf at the age of 3. In his lifetime, Palmer won over 90 tournaments

Now you know the tea about iced tea! On your next sunny summer day try making a nice-iced Arnold Palmer!

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