Timeless Indulgences: Sencha Green Tea

Timeless Indulgences: Sencha Green Tea

By JC Chen

My first experience with green tea was in my grandfather’s kitchen. He would rummage through his collection of metal tea tins and really mull over his choices, before meticulously selecting a rectangular red tin of loose-leaf tea. I could never really tell the difference in taste between his green tea collections when I was young, but I knew that he did, and that it mattered to him. I would watch him pinch the perfect amount of tea leaves between his fingers and sprinkle the contents into a teapot twice, sometimes thrice, because this ritualistic pot of tea was a feeling, not something you measure. Sometimes he’d bring it to the dining table with a smile. Sometimes a heavy sigh. Sometimes with no expression nor words at all. No matter what he was feeling that day, I would see the built-up condensation from the brew drip from the lid slowly around the edges of the pot as he delicately tapped the sides. The smell of jasmine would fill the room for a moment, and we’d come together as a small family to share a morning memory. Saying no to a cup of his freshly brewed tea would almost be like saying no to his love.

Tea isn’t just a small cup of happiness for the day. It means culture, family, and connection. With so many different teas becoming popular in local and global storefronts and cafes, there's a reason why we keep coming back to our trusty Sencha green tea. Refreshing notes of kiwi, grass, and earthiness, make this a timeless cup of warmth, health, and peace no matter what type of tea is trending right now. And to make sure you get to maximize your aromatic experience, we’re sharing a few tips so that you can brew the most flavorful cup and avoid common brewing mistakes made with green tea.


1. Cold brew: Scoop 1tbsp of our Single Origin Sencha into a strainer of your choice. Let the tea sit in room temperature water for an hour, or leave it overnight in the fridge (anywhere from 8-10hrs) which is amazing for those hot summer days where you don’t want to wait for your tea to cool down


2. Traditional brew: 1 tbsp of loose sencha into a strainer and brew for 60-90 seconds max, at a water temperature no higher than 176 degrees (having your water be too hot is what makes the tea taste astringent!)

@uproot.teas Water that is TOO HOT will make your green tea bitter & astringent!! Use lower temp water (160-180deg F) and your green tea will taste sweeter and more delicate. U can thank me later #greentea #teatime #teafacts ♬ original sound - jamo

We’re so lucky to be able to continuously bring you your favorite traditional flavors as well as our newest additions. As a small business our craft always feels very personal. Seeing how you all make tea a part of your day and what it means to you is the most thrilling part of our job, we’d love to share and hear your stories! If you remember your first experience with green tea, please share your story with us on social media by tagging us @uproot.teas or sending us a DM. We’d love to feature your story. 

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