Top Four Foods to Pair With Tea

Top Four Foods to Pair With Tea

By Annie Liu

tl;dr – carbs, carbs, carbs and more carbs :)

Pineapple Buns

A Chinese bakery classic, pineapple buns (or 菠萝包, bōluó bāo) are sweet milk buns with a crackly top that resembles a pineapple. Don’t be fooled by the name; there isn’t actually any pineapple in them! Pair with a Hong Kong style milk tea à la @brewteafullybrewed and you’re in for a deliciously sweet tea time! If you’re up for making your own pineapple buns at home, we LOVE this home recipe by the woks of life.
Here, Katelyn from @brewteafullybrewed created her own version of a Hong Kong milk tea with our Makai Black Tea sourced from Big Island, Hawai’i.


Dinner Rolls

Though it’s not the traditional tea time carb, dinner rolls provide the perfect canvas for your tea’s flavors to shine. We recommend a light and refreshing green tea to go with dinner rolls at your next tea party.



This classic English high tea snack is often paired with clotted cream and jam for what the Brits call “cream tea.” (Don’t worry; we were also shocked to learn cream tea isn’t just tea and heavy cream.) Check out our founder and Tea-EO Cindy trying out cream tea for the first time before giving it a try yourself! Here, she’s using our Makai Black Tea.


Chicken and Waffles

Just like chicken and waffles itself, chicken and waffles and tea is a wonderfully wacky combo that works oh so well. Try swapping out your iced coffee for a green tea latte at your next brunch outing! Our Sencha Green Tea makes a delicious tea latte.


Need some more inspo?

Check out what people from other cultures eat when they drink tea here and let us know if there’s any other tea cultures you want us to explore next!

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