Genmaicha | Green Tea with Toasted Brown Rice

Genmaicha | Green Tea with Toasted Brown Rice

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  • Caffeine
  • Loose Leaf
  • Single Origin

Handpicked, steamed sencha green tea with toasted brown rice. Notes of popcorn, cereal, and fragrant rice.

Genmaicha has many names, including "popcorn tea" and "the people's tea" because of its unique ingredients and special history. In olden times, genmaicha was known as a poor person's drink because straight tea was too expensive. Roasted brown rice was added in to save tea and make it more filling.

Uproot partners directly with small family farms to support regenerative agriculture. Our Genmaicha comes from the same Kyoto farm that grows and processes our our OG Sencha and our new Hojicha. Moreover, it comes with the perfect brewing instructions to make sure your tea doesn’t go bitter or astringent.

Enjoy as a warm, comforting drink, or use it in a trendy cocktail!

  • Origin Kyoto, Japan
  • Type Green
  • Caffeine Low
  • Makes 15 - 45 SERVINGS 3 INFUSIONS
  • Tasting Notes Toasted nuts, fresh popcorn, cereal
  • 1 TBSP
  • Vector (4)-svg 180°F
  • 2 MIN

We pay farm partners well above fair trade wage to support sustainable, regenerative agriculture. Learn about our sourcing

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