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Reusable Tea Infuser Strainer Basket

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Tea for one?

Steep your tea an INFINITE number of times in with this eco-friendly, reusable Uproot Teas stainless steel strainer. It features a wide mouth that sits perfectly on any mug. Reuse this baby for a lifetime to be the ultimate sustainable tea person that you are.

We love the design of this strainer because of its superior design that allows for maximum flavor. Unlike tea balls or other enclosed strainers, our strainer basket gives the tea leaves a chance to breathe in the water and fully unfurl with each infusion. 

To wash, just dump out the tea leaves and rinse by hand or pop in the dishwasher. Easy peasy. 


Kyoto, Japan

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Thank you for being part of our ZERO-WASTE tea party! Learn more about our transparency & commitment to sustainability here.


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