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Uproot Teas Single Origin Sencha | Japanese Loose Leaf Green Tea

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Earthy, umami, and sweet, this tea is a delicate treat! Uproot partners directly with small family farms to support regenerative agriculture. Hand-harvested and hand-crafted in Kyoto, Japan, our Sencha is a delightful, mild, & delicately refreshing tea. 

This baby is grown in full sunlight, thus giving it that spunky yellow-green color when it’s on the plant. During the processing, it is carefully steamed, resulting in a lightly grassy, earthy flavor. The steamed leaves are then rolled into tight little pin needles.

Sencha also contains more catechin than other green teas - full of natural antioxidants! Moreover, it comes with the perfect brewing instructions to make sure your tea doesn’t go bitter or astringent.

Sencha became popular in Japan in the 17th century, when tea leaves from the plant camellia sinensis were brought from China to Japan by Zen Monk Ingen. To this day, sencha remains the most popular tea in Japan, making about 80% of the tea consumed in Japan.

Packed with antioxidants and a touch of caffeine, our sencha green tea is a great addition to your morning routine!


Kyoto, Japan

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Tasting Notes

Fresh grass, kiwi, vegetal, earthy

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We pay farm partners well above fair trade wage to support sustainable, regenerative agriculture. Learn about our sourcing


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