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Uproot Japanese Trio Box

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Can't travel but want a taste of Japan? Try out this trio of green teas straight from our farm partner in Kyoto. Makes 45+ delicious cups total Your box will include:
  • Partially shade-grown in the famous Uji region of Kyoto Japan. Notes of fresh grass & kiwi. 
  • Made with handpicked tea leaves & stems, dry roasted over hot charcoal. Perfect for tea lattes. Notes of hazelnut, coffee, caramel.
  • Handpicked, steamed sencha green tea with toasted brown rice. Notes of popcorn, cereal, and fragrant rice.


Kyoto, Japan

Tea Type:


Caffeine Level:

Sencha Green: Medium Hojicha: Low Genmaicha: Low

Tasting Notes

Sencha Green: Fresh grass, kiwi; Hojicha: hazelnut, roasted coffee, caramel; Genmaicha: toasted nuts, fresh popcorn, cereal

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    176 - 185.F
  • 1 - 2 min
  • 45+

We pay farm partners well above fair trade wage to support sustainable, regenerative agriculture. We proudly use only compostable packaging materials that are safe for home composting. Brought to you by a tea-crazed Asian American woman on a mission to decolonize the tea trade. Learn about our transparency.


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