Why Tea

Why Tea

by Annie Liu

Let’s settle the age-old debate once and for all. What’s the superior beverage: tea or coffee? We might be biased as a tea company, but here are all the reasons why we choose tea over coffee every time.

1. Sustained Energy Boost

Because of a chemical compound called L-Theanine that’s found in tea, it doesn’t give you the same crash that coffee does when you drink the same amount of caffeine. L-Theanine helps our bodies metabolize the caffeine in tea over a longer period of time. In fact, one study found that those who consumed L-Theanine in addition to caffeine were able to focus more compared to those who only consumed caffeine. Check out our founder and Tea-EO Cindy explaining below!


2. The Variety

No offense to all the coffee snobs out there, but how many people can actually taste the difference between Arabica and Robusta or medium and dark roast beans? Even if you don’t know what specifically makes green and black teas different (though you can find out here), you can definitely taste the difference between the two. Even with green varieties like sencha, genmaicha, or hojicha, each tea has a distinct flavor due to the processing that differentiates them. Plus, who can forget about herbal teas (or tisanes) like chamomile and peppermint? With so many options, you’re bound to find a tea you love!

3. The Taste

Don’t come at me with the “why would I want to drink hot leaf water?” argument because drinking hot bean water is way more unhinged, imo. Brewed correctly, which Uproot makes so easy with temperature and time instructions on every package, tea is never bitter or astringent (unless you like it that way?) Only psychopaths drink coffee black, but we guarantee that everyone can drink a cup of tea without any milk or sugar. That’s not to say you can’t become a tea-rista, but if you’re looking for a quick and easy boost of caffeine, tea’s got you covered.

@uproot.teas Water that is TOO HOT will make your green tea bitter & astringent!! Use lower temp water (160-180deg F) and your green tea will taste sweeter and more delicate. U can thank me later #greentea #teatime #teafacts ♬ original sound - jamo

4. The Culture

As a proudly AAPI woman owned and operated business, tea connects us to our heritage and community. The current industrial tea trade is steeped in 300 years of colonialism, but Uproot Teas and other BIPOC-owned tea companies are working to decolonize the tea trade and bring it back to its roots. If Uproot isn’t your cup of tea (pun very much intended), we recommend you check out the blends from Flyest and The Black Leaf Tea and Culture Shop, the floral options from The Qi, or the chai from One Stripe Chai and Chai Five.

Looking to make the switch to tea? We recommend starting with our best-selling Makai Black Tea. High in caffeine and with tasting notes of caramel, barley malt, and chocolate, it’s the best black tea you’ll ever try. We promise.